1.  "Who can enter items in the Beltrami County Fair?"
Anyone can enter items in the Open Classes.  Only 4H members may enter items in 4H classes. 

2.  "What is an Open Class?" 
Open Class is just that: open for entry by anyone who has created an item or has an animal that meets the class and lot description.  The item must be the work of the person entering it.  It is not acceptable to enter a gift you received or a purchased item.  Animal entries must be owned by the entrant.

3. "Is there a fee to enter?"
There is no fee to enter an exhibit in the Open Class areas.

4."How do I enter?"
You or someone you designate must bring the item/s or animal/s to the fairgrounds.  Come to the Barn or Exhibit area designated for the Department.  Intake volunteers will take your entry and put an exhibit ticket on it and give you a claim stub.  Advanced registration required for livestock and is encouraged for other entries.

4. "How do I know what can be entered?"
This Premium Book tells about the fair - the whats and whens. It also contains lists. Lists of Open Classes and 4H classes. The lists in the Open Class give the classes and lots for entries.  If your item or animal fits something that is listed in an Open Class it can be entered. If you have questions about where an item fits or need other information related to exhibits contact the Department Superintendent or area coordinator.  If you are entering animals check with the Department Superintendent to see what shots and health certificates may be required.

5. "What if my item does not fit anything in the lists?²
Most of the classes have a lot called "Not Specified".  If your item would go in a class but there is no specific lot that fits it, enter it in the Not Specified lot.  Work that does not fit in the classes may be exhibited but will not be judged.  The Home Arts Department welcomes such exhibits; if these new exhibits create interest we may add that type item to next yearıs judged exhibits.

6.  "Does every entry get a ribbon?"
KIDS AREA of each class are the only classes in the Open Classes where every entry gets a ribbon.  SO--If your child is making an entry and you want the child to get a ribbon- MAKE SURE to enter the item in a KIDS AREA lot.  All entries in KIDS AREAS get a participation ribbon.  Children may enter items in any Open Class- but will be competing against all entries in that lot.  Therefore a child's entry in a general Open Class may or may not receive a ribbon. Ribbons will only go to the top three items in general Open Class lots. 

7. "Do I get money if I win a ribbon?"
Yes.  The prize money for a ribbon is called the premium.  Premium award amounts for Blue - Red - and White are listed with the lots.  There are no monetary awards for purple ribbons or participation ribbons.  There are some special awards from businesses or guilds that award money- gift certificates- or special prizes.

8.  "When Can I pick up my item?" 
The items you enter must remain at the Fair and will be on exhibit until the last day of the Fair.  There will be a specific time to pick up entries and premiums won on the last day.  Usually it is from 5-7pm.  Bring the claim stub from each entry ID tag to pick up you items.

Frequently Asked Questions about Judging of Open Class Exhibits
1. Can I watch the judging?
The Open Class exhibit areas are closed during judging.  To keep the entries anonymous the names are covered on the ID tickets during judging.  Only the judge and several helpers complete the judging process and pin ribbons on the winners. 

2.  Can I help with the judging?
Possibly.  To run the fair takes lots of volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to help with judging as well as with other parts of the exhibits.  Come to a Fair Board meeting or contact the Department Superintendent if you want to help.

3.  Who does the judging?
The Fair Board looks for people with knowledge and expertise in the areas being judged.  The judges may change from year to year.  It depends on availability.  Judges do not make entries in any areas they judge.

4.  What judging system is used?
The American judging system is used. This judging process ranks exhibits one against another and awards 1 first place, 1-second place, and 1 third place only. Judges may withhold awards in any lot if, in their opinion, no exhibit is worthy.  This rarely occurs as most entries are well made.  In lots where there are more than three entries some entries will not receive ribbons.  Most entries are very good, but only the three top entries receive ribbons.   
Frequently Asked Questions